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After years of hard work, we are excited to share something with you…

As of today, you can beta test the brand new WTFast game launcher!

The features that matter most to you are in there:

  • Faster ping.
  • Less lag.
  • Less jitter.
  • Smoother gaming with less rubberbanding.

But now there’s so much more to the WTFast experience.

Built from the ground up, this is a completely new system with some pretty major improvements, like:

⚡ Connect faster than ever before.

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With the new Status Bar, you can connect and disconnect instantly from any game session.

No matter where you are in the application, you will always see the status of your connection. If you’re connected to a game, the Status Bar will display your real-time ping and improvement stats. …

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Today, at the Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) conference, wtfast is announcing a distribution agreement with ASi Network. ASi Network is a fast growing Internet Service Provider in Honduras.

wtfast, whose patented technology optimizes game connections for PC gamers worldwide, has been invited to present to service operators from around the world at TC3.

Whereas ISPs improve connections for subscribers within their local geographical areas for all purposes, wtfast improves the experience for players by supporting over 1,000 latency-sensitive online games located worldwide.

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Kelowna, BC, Canada, November 1st, 2017 — wtfast, the SaaS application that eliminates lag by optimizing game traffic through the world’s largest gamers private network, announced today a partnership with Taiwan’s #1 internet service provider Chunghwa Telecom (HiNet.) Starting this month, wtfast will provide HiNet subscribers in Taiwan with its patented solution for reducing lag and smoothing connections to popular game servers.

Founded in 2009 and active in more than 100 countries, wtfast is designed exclusively to provide a more direct connection to servers for the most latency-sensitive applications: massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). …

A behind-the-scenes peek at our process

We’ve heard from some of you that you think wtfast could use a facelift. As always, we listen to your feedback and keep working to make the product even better every day.

Today we’re stoked to announce that we’re working on a new look for wtfast!

As a startup, we focus on spending time on the things that matter most to you guys — like improving our service for different games, internet connections, and locations. We do our damnedest to make sure we help players PWN as much as possible. We’re always looking for ways to speed up connections. …



Your secret weapon against online gaming lag.

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