Introducing the new WTFast experience

Because gamers deserve nice things in 2020.

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After years of hard work, we are excited to share something with you…

As of today, you can beta test the brand new WTFast game launcher!

The features that matter most to you are in there:

  • Faster ping.
  • Less lag.
  • Less jitter.
  • Smoother gaming with less rubberbanding.

But now there’s so much more to the WTFast experience.

Built from the ground up, this is a completely new system with some pretty major improvements, like:

⚡ Connect faster than ever before.

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With the new Status Bar, you can connect and disconnect instantly from any game session.

No matter where you are in the application, you will always see the status of your connection. If you’re connected to a game, the Status Bar will display your real-time ping and improvement stats.

Once you’ve played a game, the Status Bar lets you launch the game you played last time with the same configuration in a single click.

☁️ Save your settings. Anywhere.

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Don’t want to faff around with connection settings each time you launch a game?

No problem. You can save or edit your settings for any installed game. Then you can launch a game and optimize your network traffic with just a single click.

Got a second computer? No prob. All of your WTFast settings are saved in the cloud now, to save you having to set everything up again. Just log in and launch a game on the other device.

😎 Always the best connection.

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With the new Auto-Optimal feature, the app will always pick the best path for your game traffic. Even if that means not transporting your data through a GPN server.

And as always, you can monitor your network traffic for any connection.

With THOUSANDS of connection possibilities in WTFast, why settle for only ONE option? Get the insurance you deserve for your game connection.

📊 Customize your dashboard.

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Now you are in complete control of your dashboard. You can add and remove Blocks from your dashboard to choose the visualizations you like best.

Since this is a modular system, we can add new Blocks in the future, giving you even more options and creative control.

🎨 Customize how your app looks.

Now you can choose what theme works best for you.

By default, we’ve included a few color themes, including a 2010 theme for those who like the old flaming WTFast logo 😜

Got a color theme suggestion? Send us dem hex values

🏠 All your games in one place.

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Why mess around with locating your games from all the different launchers out there? Your installed online games are detected and listed instantly.

No need to wade through a sea of games and launchers to manage your collection.

  • Got Steam games? Check.
  • Stand-alone installs? Check.
  • Garena or Check.

All your installed games appear automatically in the “My Games” collection in the WTFast Launcher.

See a game you want to try later? Use the Bookmark feature to pin any game to the front of your “My Games” shelf. A nice easy way to organize your collection.

Obviously there’s much more to it than we’ve listed here, so go check it out for yourself at

We have many more new features planned for you, so we’re really just getting started.

We’ll be adding more and improving what’s there over the next few months, so make sure to send us your feedback to help make it even better.

Thanks for helping us shape the future of WTFast for gamers!

Be well. Stay safe. And go frag some n00bs.

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