WTFast Signs Partnership with ASi Network to Improve Game Connections in Honduras

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Today, at the Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) conference, wtfast is announcing a distribution agreement with ASi Network. ASi Network is a fast growing Internet Service Provider in Honduras.

wtfast, whose patented technology optimizes game connections for PC gamers worldwide, has been invited to present to service operators from around the world at TC3.

Whereas ISPs improve connections for subscribers within their local geographical areas for all purposes, wtfast improves the experience for players by supporting over 1,000 latency-sensitive online games located worldwide. wtfast improves ping times, saving seconds, which can mean the difference between winning and losing in the gaming world.

Earlier, wtfast announced partnerships with consumer product brands Linksys, ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte. “Already a strong innovator on the Honduran market, ASi Network is excited to expand its offering and distribute wtfast. Starting on Wednesday, November 8, ASi Network will be selling wtfast nationwide to gamers across Honduras” said Juan Jerezano, General Director at ASi Network.

“Gamers in Latin America have always been fans of wtfast because our service delivers a meaningful improvement to their game connections” said Rob Bartlett, CEO of wtfast. “We are excited by the alliance with ASi Network as it now gives us expanded distribution coverage in Honduras, a market with a population of 9 million people.”

About wtfast

wtfast is the Gamers Private Network (GPN) — a global network built exclusively for the transmission and delivery of online game data. Launched in 2010, the wtfast GPN is designed for the global online gaming and esports market, which is projected to reach $108.9 billion USD in revenue by the end of 2017. With partners including ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte, and advisors including Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari), Emil Mouhanna (Akamai), Jens Hilgers (ESL/BITKRAFT), and Dima Polyak (Riot Games, Super League Gaming), wtfast is committed to providing the best connection for gamers worldwide.

To learn more about wtfast, visit our website or contact us at

About ASi Network

ASi Network is an Internet Service Provider headquartered in the city of San Pedro Sula, Cortes in Honduras. Due to the rapid adoption of its innovative services by the market, the company has expanded its operations to several of the biggest cities in the country.

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